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Counseling for OCD & Anxiety

Find healing and freedom from the pain that holds you prisoner.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder isn't about being organized or particular about the cleanliness of your house. Sure, it can involve those things, but it's much more than that. OCD is about fear and a desperate pursuit of certainty. In order to try to achieve complete certainty, people with OCD perform certain tasks repeatedly.


If you have OCD, you may have weird thoughts sometimes. And your mind tells you there must be something deeply wrong with you for having those thoughts. So, you try to convince yourself over and over in your mind that this is not true. Or maybe you have a fear that something bad is going to happen a loved one unless you perform a certain task perfectly.  So, you pray for them until it "feels right." Or you text a loved one every couple of minutes to make sure they are ok. Or you repeat the word "safe" over and over again. Pretty soon, the rituals have consumed much of the time in your day. You can't concentrate because of your worries. You can't live. It may feel like you're in bondage. 

OCD can take on many forms, but no matter the form in which it appears, it is painful and debilitating.  I want to help you find freedom from this relentless bully. I want you to be able to enjoy your life and live in the moment, instead of being stuck in your head and enslaved to rituals. I want you to laugh, play, and have meaningful relationships with others. I can partner with you and help you get on the path to a more peaceful and joyful you.

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